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Waka (original artwork)
Waka (original artwork)
Miriama Grace-Smith

Waka (original artwork)

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Miriama was inspired to create this piece while she was working on the New Zealand Festival Open Event A Waka Odyssey. This piece is about the great navigator Kupe. In many traditions, Kupe was the first Polynesian to discover Aotearoa. With his wife Kuramarotini aboard her great waka Matahourua, he chased the giant octopus Te Wheke o Muturangi across the ocean to Aotearoa where he finally killed Te Wheke o Muturangi on the Cook Strait. Kupe explored the country, many places are named after Kupes voyage, such as Pari Whero (Red Rocks), on the Wellington coast.

Size: 90.1cm x 121cm 

Medium: Carved wood and paint